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4th Gendering Asia Network Conference

Conveners: Cecilia Milwertz, senior researcher, NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, and Katja Rangsivek, PhD fellow, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

The Gendering Asia Conference is open to students and scholars working primarily within the postdisciplinary field of gender studies, and also to those whose main focus is not gender, but who include a gender perspective in the study of Asia. We thus invite papers which either primarily address aspects of gender in Asia or which include a gender dimension in studies of other main topics.

Conference themes

Effects of gendered Asia. We invite papers that document and explore how social change influences gender relations and the lives of men and women according to the way in which their gendered positions intersect with class, ethnicity, age, education, urban/rural location and other factors.

Gendered processes constructing Asia. We invite papers that aim to understand gendered processes and the construction of gender in all spheres of life within Asia and the ways in which these are part of a globalizing world.

How does the application of gender theory make a difference to the knowledge we construct of Asia? We invite participants to reflect upon theoretical, epistemological and methodological implications of the gender studies approaches they have applied to studies of Asia.

The conference is the Fourth Gendering Asia Conference held by the Gendering Asia Network.


The conference will include keynote speeches by Thu-Huong Nguyen-vo and Anindita Datta and sessions of short paper presentations followed by discussions.


Abstracts (300 words) should be submitted to Katja Rangsivek ( and Cecilia Milwertz ( by 1 March 2010. Please include your name, institution and position.

Note: For ‘Gendering Asia’ full papers should NOT be submitted prior to the conference.