NordForsk grant for the Gendering Asia Network

The Gendering Asia Network has received a grant from NordForsk to strengthen research in the combined field of Asia studies and gender studies in the social sciences and humanities in the Nordic countries.


The Network will convene workshops in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with a view to:

  1. providing the basis for internet as well as face-to-face interaction and exchange among Nordic researchers and PhD students
  2. offering research training for Nordic PhD students
  3. developing collaborative research projects


Workshop focus

It is an explicit aim to achieve a broad, open and inclusive network.

Thus, the starting point for workshop activities will be a broad focus on:

  1. how recent developments in gender theories are articulated in relation to Asian studies
  2. in which ways empirical studies of societies in Asia contribute new insights to gender theories
  3. as Asia in the current globalized world is not confined to a certain geographic part of the world the Network will include research on how Asia exists in the Nordic countries in diverse forms such as for example migrant people and literature


First workshop – Copenhagen November 2010

The first workshop will include the first and important training in the Barha Community internet based interaction that will form a core mode of communication for the network. Moreover, the workshop will include the first stage and initial discussion on establishing Nordic collaborative research projects across the involved country-specific participating groups.


Second and Third workshop – 2011 Iceland and 2012 Norway

The second workshop will take place in 2011 at Iceland University and the third workshop will be held in 2012 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. At these two subsequent workshops activities will take place in plenum and in the theme groups in order to further develop the joint research projects.


For further information, please contact: Cecilia Milwertz 

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