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Report – Gendering Asia Network CONFERENCE 12-13 November 2010-12-01

Gendering Asia Network CONFERENCE 12-13 November 2010

The Fourth Gendering Asia Network Conference was held as part of the Copenhagen University Asian Dynamics Initiative Conference ‘Asian Diversity in a Global Context’.

Conference report

Report – Gendering Asia Network WORKSHOP 8-10 November 2010

Gendering Asia Network WORKSHOP 8-10 November 2010

In November twenty-nine Nordic scholars and PhD students came together at a workshop at NIAS. The workshop, which was supported by a generous grant from NordForsk, marked the initiation of a new stage of Gendering Asia Network (GAN) activity. At the GAN conferences held in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010 participants have presented and discussed their work. The workshop was somewhat different as participants presented their work as the basis for defining areas of common interest and established five research project groups:

  1. Post-colonial cultural trauma and violence
  2. Mobile Livelihoods & Gendered Citizenship
  3. Ideas in Transit/Somatic Engineering
  4. Communication and Intra-action
  5. Experiencing Technology – intra-active constructions of identity and the body

Workshop Report

Travel funds

Thanks to a generous network grant from NordForsk GAN groups are welcome to submit requests to the GAN steering group for funds to meet and develop their work.

Requests should include the following information:

  1. name of group
  2. purpose of meeting
  3. meeting date and place
  4. list of people attending meeting
  5. budget (travel, accommodation, meals)

Requests should be submitted to Cecilia Milwertz.

Groups meetings should take place before 20 April 2011.

Narrative and financial reporting must be concluded by 25 April.

Groups are always welcome to meet at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies in Copenhagen.