Gendering Asia Network WORKSHOP 10-13 October 2011

Meanings of Gendering Asia

The 2011 workshop will be hosted by RIKK – the Gender Research Institute, University of Island and EDDA – Center of Excellence, the University of Iceland.

One of the great challenges for the Gendering Asia Network is to make the importance of gender visible and to make it clear to the wider Asian studies community, as well as policy makers and the general public that applying a critical gender perspective makes a difference to the knowledge we construct of Asia.

The groups that were established at the 2010 workshop will each develop their research themes and joint research projects.

All participants will focus on what ‘Gendering Asia’ means. We will address questions such as:

  • How do we theorize gender/Asia?
  • What are the implications of conceptualizing and analyzing gender/Asia?
  • How does the application of a gender perspective to the study of Asia make a difference?
  • How do we become aware of, identify and conceptualize the invisible workings of gender norms and power relations as they manifest themselves in all fields of Asia – politics, economics, culture and society as such?

Network members who did not participate in the 2010 workshop are welcome to join the existing groups or to establish new groups.

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