Thematic Groups

The network, which was established in 2005, that is five years prior to receipt of NordForsk support (2010-2013), started out with an open invitation to all members to join a workshop held in November 2010. During the first workshop five groups were established. As of 5 April 2011 51 network members were registered as members of these groups. Of these 32 were based at Nordic universities (2 MA students, 14 PhD students and 16 post docs and established scholars) while the rest were based in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

During its second year of NordForsk support the active network members consolidated into three working groups with a total of 34 members. These three groups formed the core of network activities from 2010 to 2013. Each group included members who were active during the whole NordForsk funded time period, while others left the groups and new members joined during the funding period. The names in the list below include members who were active during the final network time.

 Post-colonial cultural trauma and violence

  1. Karin Ask, Chritian Michelsen Institute
  2. Wil Burghoorn, Gorthenburg University
  3. Mikako Iwatake, Helsinki University
  4. Monica Lindberg Falk, Lund University
  5. Pauline Stoltz , Aalborg University
  6. Susanne Åsman, Gothenburg University
  7. Karl Gustafsson, Lund University
  8. Emilie Wellfelt, Linnaeus University
  9. Anette Vilslev, University of Copenhagen
  10. Qingbo Xu-Susiluoto, Helsinki University
  11. Annika Pissin,Lund University

Gendered Mobility in Asia 

  1. Ragnhild Lund, NTNU
  2. Chamila Attanapola, NTNU
  3. Susanne Åsman, Gothenburg University
  4. Anna Karlsdóttir, Iceland University
  5. Supriya Samanta, Aalborg University
  6. Ása Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir, Iceland University
  7. Yee Yee Swe, NTNU
  8. Ragnhild Madland
  9. Ann Benwell, independent researcher
  10. Kristina Göransson, Lund University
  11. Thao Thi Vu, University of Copenhagen
  12. Philip Martin, University of Copenhagen

Communication and Intra-action 

  1. Liu Xin Åbo Akademi University
  2. Sungju Pak-Kang, Gothenburg University
  3. Nina Hakkarainen, Helsinki University
  4. Lene Myong, Aarhus University
  5. Qi Wang, University of Southern Denmark
  6. Nicol Foulkes, University of Tampere and NIAS
  7. Bu Wei, Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Associate NIAS
  8. Cecilia Milwertz, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies



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